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Vnc server dsl linux

vnc server dsl linux

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Unless otherwise stated, this combination is assumed. To see how to set these applications up, read Getting the computers ready to use. Note that general principles of remote control, and information relating to particular supported features, also apply to connections established between any combination of the products and license types listed below.

VNC Server with different licenses applied. A thirty day trial is available. VNC Viewer. Visit www. Desktop of a client computer running Windows 7. VNC Viewer displaying the desktop of a host computer running Ubuntu Note that other VNC Viewer users may be connected to the host computer and controlling it at the same time as you.

In addition, a host computer user may be present. Operations may occur unexpectedly! Controlling the host computer using your mouse. This means that:. Note: If your mouse has no effect on the host computer, it may have been disabled. For more information, see Restricting access to features. If client and host computers have different numbers of mouse buttons, you can configure VNC Viewer to emulate those you do not have.

Step 3: Configure VNC. Now for the important pieces. At the end of that file, enter the following:. NOTE: You can set the geometry to whatever resolution you require. In the above section, you can set up multiple users for connection. Say you had three users that needed access using different resolutions. To accomplish this, you could enter something like:. Step 4: Service Startup. Before you go any further, make sure the VNC server will start and stop cleanly.

As the root user, issue the commands:. Step 5: Create xstartup scripts. Within that script, you should find the following:. Uncomment the following two lines for normal desktop:. Uncomment the following two lines remove the " " characters :.

Save that file and you're ready to move on. Step 6: Edit Iptables. In order for the VNC connections to get through, you must allow them with iptables. Save the file and restart iptables with the command:. Step 7: Start the VNC server.

And the VNC server should start up nice and cleanly. Step 8: Test the connection. Move over to a machine that can display graphics if your server does, you can test from there and fire up your VNC client of choice and attempt to log in with the IP address of the server and port There you go! You should now have a working VNC server on your Linux box. Labels remote vnc VNC vncserver. Labels: remote vnc VNC vncserver. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog.

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